Designed by Aurélien Veyrat and Lauriane Beaunier, the VIRAGE bar stool completes the ORCHID EDITION range by perfectly echoing the post-covid atmosphere of renewed conviviality. The dynamic line created by the curves of the rattan, as well as the choice of a synthetic strap, inaugurate a resolutely modern approach to the material. In short, perhaps the most "ORCHID EDITION" product in the collection...

"I wanted to highlight the technical nature of rattan, to keep it simple with a minimum of parts. To see how far we could go to build a stool that was resistant and comfortable. VIRAGE is built with dynamic, taut curves and a set of cantilevers that accentuate its lightness." Aurélien Veyrat

"VIRAGE truly embodies the balance we were looking for: between its aerodynamic curves and the purity of its construction, it is a pure and sophisticated stool.
Creating its seat in strap weave reinforced its personality. We developed a technical and robust strap that contrasts with the matt rattan in a warm colour range that is an invitation to travel." Lauriane Beaunier Lauriane Beaunier

"The bar stool seemed an important element to add to the collection because it is an essential piece of furniture for convivial spaces; lounge bar or open kitchen. Long curved canes evoke the "Nouille" style. The coloured straps bring a cheerful modernity. The à la carte weaving makes it unique." Tina Ledi